Belgian race review: 2014

Wow, this race beat every expectation. Nothing says welcome back to formula 1 like team mates crashing into each other and 4 way battles.

Obviously the first thing I'm going to talk about is the clash between Hamilton and Rosberg in the first few laps. While Mercedes were hoping for a 1-2, that isn't what they got at all. People are divided on whether it was Rosberg's fault or not but I think everyone is going to have their own opinion. It will be interesting to see how they move forward.

My favourite part of the race was the battle between Magnussen, Alonso, Vettel and Button. It was very exciting. All of the drivers showed what they can do. C'mon, we have to give Magnussen credit for battling with 3 champions for a whole race! Even though Magnussen was given a penalty after the race and therefore dropped out of the points, he drove an amazing race.

Further down the field it was mostly uneventful. Sauber showed that they have more pace now but not enough to fighting for the points just yet. Force India and Torro Rosso had 7th-11th position covered. It was good to see Chilton and Ericsson battling it out. That was a good thing for Caterham and Marussia as one car from each team had to retire. Lotus had a difficult race with neither of their cars finishing. Hopefully they can sort out any issues.

Monza is up next and I'm hoping its just as exciting as Belgium!