Mid-season review: Part 1

It is currently the 'big break' in Formula one which means drivers can rest a bit more than usual while the cars can be updated and improved for the remaining 8 races. So I decided its the perfect time to post a mid-season review. I am going to be posting the review in 3 parts due to the fact there are 11 teams.
Mercedes: The silver arrows have been dominant from the start where only twice this year has another driver has won the races. While other teams have had reliability issues, Mercedes have been lucky to only have a few. Their only big issue seems to be the rivalry between the two drivers and team orders. The team just want a 1-2 and to get both cars to the end of the race but both drivers want win and get maximum points. Both drivers can be happy as they have both won their home races this year. Hamilton has won just once more than Rosberg this season but Rosberg leads the championship as Hamilton has retired more than Rosberg. Hamilton has the pace and the skill to over take and has shown this several times by charging through the field to get the best result possible. Rosberg's only issue seems to be his starts. He can be quite slow off the line and that's something that can ruin your race a little bit, especially when you're starting from pole.
Red Bull: The first race wasn't their best start to the season with Vettel having to retire the car and Ricciardo getting disqualified. However, they have come fighting back and improving all the time. Vettel seems to have his former team mates bad luck and has retired his car 3 times. That still hasn't stopped him from grabbing 3rd twice so far this season. No one will forget his battles with Alonso which may be frustrating at the time, but Vettel has said it was good fun. Ricciardo is the only driver to win a race while not driving a Mercedes this year. This man is always smiling and remaining positive. That is the best attitude to take especially after his first race.
Ferrari: This was the pairing everyone was excited to see but its been very one sided. Raikkonen has not had an easy season however he has only been out of the points 4 times. He is very strong when it comes to the race. However, that same cant be said for qualifying, with him being knocked out in Q1 twice. No one can forget his big crash in Great Britain, I was so relieved when he walked out of the car. I think at that point everyone let out a sigh of relief. Alonso has been consistent and has scored points in every race this year. He has been impressive in the race landing himself a spot on the podium twice so far. Alonso's overtakes have bee equally impressive. This is a driver that has pushed the car to the limit and has shown what it can do.