Do females and F1 mix?

Since starting my blog I have been wanting to talk about F1 more. However, I've realised that a lot of people my age don't watch it which makes me sad.
In my opinion the majority of the people that watch F1 are grown males. I think that may be because its always been considered a 'mans sport.' I am aware females do like the sport but people can be sexist and wonder what females actually know about the world of F1.
I get so offended when someone asks me what I know and begins asking me questions. Yes, I am a young female who loves F1. I'm not the typical fan but I feel we should be encouraging young people (including females) to watch F1 and understand the sport.
A lot of people think its just cars driving round a track but its so much more than that. I've only been really into F1 for just over a year know but I know so much more than I did. Every time I learn something new it makes me love F1 even more.
I am proud to say I'm not the stereotypical fan. However, females should be more accepted in the world of F1 and I am certain that one day we will see more females working in the garages and one day, some female F1 drivers. Honestly, I cant wait for those days.
So, I guess the point of this week's blog post was to put my opinions across about females in the F1 world.