US race review: 2014

After 3 weeks away, last weekend the race was held in the US. During those 3 weeks, important things happened in the F1 world.
First Caterham went into administration and then Marussia ended up doing the same. It's a real shame and I hope we see them back on the grid soon. It really makes people think about how money is an issue and how things can change. However, one Caterham driver made an announcement shortly after they went into administration. Marcus Ericsson will be at Sauber next year. Personally, I was surprised but I think he deserves to be on the grid next year. Sauber obviously agree.
Anyway, back to the race. Mercedes had the result they wanted. Another 1-2, these guys have an outstanding car. Hamilton and Rosberg both drove a good race but Hamilton just drove a little bit better to get the top place on the podium.
Ricciardo got the last remaining place on the podium after undercutting both Williams cars during the pit stops. Well done to Red Bull pit crew! He did well to get third. Let's not forget his amazing over takes! Ricciardo dares to overtake where no one else does. Vettel had his work cut out since he was starting from the pit lane. However, that didn't phase him. If anything it probably gave him more encouragement. Not only did he get into points, he came a respectable seventh.
Force India had an awful day. First, Perez crashed into Sutil which ended both of their races. All I'm going to say about that is Perez was very optimistic to think he could pass there. After struggling for the last few races you hoped Hulkenberg would be able to pull something out of the bag. Unfortunately not, reliability got the best of him. Sauber got one car to the finish and not last. I really wanted Sauber to show everyone what they could do but you could tell Gutierrez gave it his best. They are still lacking a bit of speed which hopefully they can get sorted for next year.
Lotus, McLaren, Toro Rosso, Vettel and Raikkonen all battled it out for 7th-12th. Those battles for me, was the highlight of the race! Showed great driving and respect from each driver. They all seemed equally matched, it just came down to who had their tyres in the best condition and if they could actually pass.
Alonso and both Williams' had a quiet race to be honest. Alonso was overtaken which is rare and Ricciardo passed both Williams'. This shows the 3 cars have a bit more pace than the ones lower down but not enough to catch up with runaway winners Mercedes.
This weekend it was very odd having two teams missing. The race didn't seem right without them. There is always that thought in my mind as to who was winning the Marussia/Caterham battle. A very vital part of F1 was missing. Hopefully issues get sorted soon.