2015 Current Driver Line-up: Part 1

There are a few changes to the 2015 driver line up. Some were expected, some were not. It's a new year and a new driver line up. Team mates were a big part of 2014 and I for one hope it will be included in 2015 too.

Mercedes: Hamilton and Rosberg
Their relationship was tested a lot in 2014. However, at the end of the final race of the year, their feud seemed to be over. It was clear from the start these two were a good partnership and one of them was going to be champion. It's no surprise Mercedes have kept both of the drivers. Will Mercedes keep their gap? And if they do, how will the relationship between them be this season?

Red Bull: Ricciardo and Kvyat
After Vettels departure it meant Ricciardo was left to be number 1 at the team which he feels he is ready for. He impressed during his first year with Red Bull, even winning a few races. Obviously we cannot forget is amazing overtakes. He will be partnered by Kvyat who has only had 1 year experience in F1. He must have done something right for Red Bull to promote him above Vergne and other drivers.  However, he was consistent in 2014 so it will be interesting to see how he settles in and does this season.

McLaren: Alonso and Button
This was the last line up to be announced. Alonso had been rumoured to re-join the team for a couple of months. The only remaining question was, would they keep on Button or the young Magnussen? In the end they chose Button. This will be a strong partnership as they both have a lot of experience. I cannot wait to see how these two work together. They will have to work with the new Honda engine. With reliability possibly being an issue. We can't be sure how McLaren will do, but with these two drivers, they will hopefully achieve a lot this year.

Williams: Massa and Bottas
These 2 have a strong partnership. Both talented drivers, just one with more experience than the other. Not that you could tell. They seem to work well together. They have helped turn the Williams team around. So no surprise that the Williams team will want to keep them for as long as they can. 

Ferrari: Raikkonen and Vettel
Vettel leaving Red Bull was a shock but with the rumours of Alonso leaving Ferrari, it was only a short space of time before it was announced that Vettel would be joining Ferrari. I'm sure Vettel and Raikkonen will enjoy being team mates as they are good friends off track. Ferrari had a tough year in which Raikkonen expected to struggle. Vettel wanted a change and Ferrari are hopeful for next year so only time will tell. 

Since there are so many teams, I have decided to do the driver line up in two parts. The next one will be up soon. I am very dedicated to my blog and making it the best I can.