Abu Dhabi race review: 2014

I could not wait for this race. It had been highly anticipated. The driver championship title came down to this. It did not disappoint.
Congratulations to Hamilton who did end up winning the race and the drivers championship. Both Hamilton and Rosberg deserved to win. It was a bit annoying that reliability mainly decided who won. After Rosberg's car problems could not be solved, he still carried on all the way to the end. Even when the team wanted to retire the car he kept going. That was my favourite part. He was going to finish the race. When Rosberg went to congratulate Hamilton, that was a moment I think surprised everyone. It was very good to see after everything that happened this year, they were still there to congratulate each other. You could see when Hamilton was on the podium how much it meant to him. Amazing drive from both of them this year. Cant wait for next season.
Williams did their usual thing and kept being Mercedes and getting on the podium, this time with both cars. I wonder if they might be able to close the gap to Mercedes. Ricciardo quietly came home 4th. Where as his team mate who was driving his last race for Red Bull could only manage 8th. Might not have been the way Vettel wanted to end it but I'm sure he is looking forward to the new challenge in Ferrari.
McLarens Kevin Magnussen had contact on the first lap and an issue with tyres which caused him to drop out of points positions. On the other hand Button managed to come home 5th in what he called a 'tough race.' Button said he lacked pace to keep up with the guys ahead. Lets wait and see how good the Honda engine is next year. But, who will be driving the two McLarens?

Sad day for Toro Rosso. Kvyat had to retire due to an engine relates issue. Although Vergne brought the car home, he didn't get any points. Also, it was his last race with the team. I'm sure it was not the day the team had planned. But neither driver will be the team next year with Kvyat going to Red Bull and Vergne leaving. A team who did have a good day was Force India. They managed to get both cars home 6th and 7th respectively. They are competitive and have a strong driver line up remaining unchanged for next year.

It was good to see Caterham back on the grid. Unfortunately Marussia were unable to return which was a shame. It probably wasn't the way Caterham wanted to return either. Kobayashi was forced to retire due to him feeling vibrations. However, it must have been a pleasing day for Will Stevens to compete and finish in his first F1 race. I wonder, if Caterham are on the grid next year, will Stevens join them?

Ferrari had a tricky season but ended it with both cars just in the points. Alonso had his last race with the team and beat his partner to the finish line. Raikkonen lost a few places at the start and was unable to make them up due to the lack of pace. I'm sure both will be looking forward to next year.

It was a sad race for Sauber all round. Both cars not managing higher than 15th and both the drivers leaving. Had not been a good season for them at all. Hopefully things are better for the team next year and for their new line up of Ericsson and Nasr. Lotus didn't have a great race either. The way Maldonado walked away from his car on line. He had to stop mid-race as his engine caught fire. Not the way he wanted to end the season. Grosjean came home 13th. They're both staying with Lotus for next season so we can see how they improve.

Overall, the last race was full of drama. And sadness with many partnerships coming to an end. There is even still some mystery as to who will be at McLaren and whether Marussia and Caterham will be back next season and if they are, who will be driving for them? I cannot wait. The winter cannot go fast enough!