what now?

So the 2014 season is over. It was full of amazing moments, and terrible ones. All sorts of surprises. No one knew what to expect due to all the rule changes. This season can be called a lot of things but boring is NOT one of them.
My question now everything is quiet, what do we do now? I for one have no clue how I will cope without a race every couple of weeks! I am constantly checking the Formula 1 website, BBC and Sky Sports F1 for any news. At this time of year its just nice for it to be a bit quiet; I think it gives us a chance to take in how quickly the year has gone and what happened during the season. Also, we can learn more about the cars now and how things will change for next season.

Its sad to know the next race is 3 months away. However, I am sure it wont be a boring wait with the tests coming up in February. It will be interesting to see what the drivers and teams share on social media about their preparations for the test and the first race in Australia next year.

There is still more news to look forward to and I for one will keep up with the news and learn as much as I can for next year.