2015 Current Driver Line-up: Part 2

This is the second final part of the current 2015 driver line up.

Force India: Perez and Hulkenberg
The team have shown they are competitive and after a successful season I'm sure they were very satisfied by their line up. However, I'm sure they are extremely pleased that Perez had a podium position in 2014. Hulkenberg is very consistent, although he struggled during the second half of the season. Both are talented drivers and the team have shown a lot of improvement in 2014. 

Toro Rosso: Verstappen and Sainz
This is a completely new line up. One which ended up being controversial due to Verstappen's Young age. Toro Rosso obviously see great potential in the record breaker. We shall see how he gets on. Sainz drove for Red Bull at their young driver test in 2013 so we can presume Toro Rosso have had their eye on him for a while. This is a team known for bringing in younger drivers to F1, they know how to work with them and I'm excited these two on the grid. 

Sauber: Ericsson and Nasr
After a pointless season, Sauber have changed their driver line up. Ericsson really showed improvement in the second half of the season. Unfortunately, due to Caterhams problems, he missed the last few races which was disappointing. However, I was glad to see he would still be on the grid as I think he has a lot more to show. Nasr was runner up in GP2 in 2014. He had some really good battles with Palmer and moved up a lot of positions during races. There is no doubt that these two will get the very best out of the car. We will have to see if they can help turn Sauber around. 

Lotus: Grosjean and Maldonado
The team had a disappointing season in 2014 and I'm sure changing to a Mercedes powered engine will make them more competitive. It was clear both drivers got a little bit frustrated b the fact they have stayed with Lotus shows that they believe in them. However, Grosjean did look for other seats but decided to stay. He said teams are wrong to forget him. He has driven well in the past, he just couldn't do much in 2014. Lotus have a lot of faith in Maldonado as they have stood up for him and said he is better than he gets credit for. Why would Maldonado leave a team that believes in him  and praises him? There is no reason. Hopefully these two can have a better season in 2015.

With the changes in the driver line up, it is bound to be interesting. I look forward to seeing how the drivers do and cope with any issues they have. All of the drivers are talented and put 100% into everything they do. For me, the drivers are the most interesting part of F1.