We are back!

First off I would like to say sorry for the lack on posts lately! Been a quiet time in the F1 world. However, WERE BACK! Testing started in Jerez today and I've been waiting all year (literally) for this day.
We've seen all the car designs for this year, some more questionable than others. But, it was exciting to see all the drivers standing with their car. The most disappointing thing for me is that testing is not being broadcasted on TV. I for one would love to see what they do. Be a chance for us all to really get to grips on rule changes.
But, lets not focus on the negatives! F1 is officially back for this season. Might not be the first race, for now its close enough. Australia doesn't seem that far away now!
The day of the first test is always unexpected. Today was full of surprises. Rosberg completed 150 laps! Wow. After having the fastest time all morning; Vettel in the Ferrari beat that time and then improved on it later on. For me that wasn't the only surprise. Marcus Ericsson put in an impressive second quickest time of the day. Is today showing that the Ferrari engine has improved and both Sauber and Ferrari will be a lot competitive and faster this season? A lot of people say the first day can be a bit misleading but only time will tell.
My life revolves around F1 and over the winter season I was lost. I struggled. I feel happier and complete now its back. My life can continue as will this blog. My time away not posting weekly gave me time realise how much I love and need F1. I am back to my old self and I am thankful for that. I owe everything to F1 and I am very dedicated to the sport.