Pre-season testing

Testing is a very exciting time for everyone. It means Formula 1 is slowly and surely coming back. However, I wish they did show testing on TV. I think for some viewers (like myself) it would help us understand more of the technical side of F1.

I love testing, its a chance to get to grips to any changes that have been made. Whether that's technical or the design of the car and/or drivers. I like to use this time to remember who's number belongs to who and the same with helmets. That way during qualifying and the race I will know who is who.

In exactly one week (YES, ONE WEEK), we would have already seen the Australian grand prix. This makes me so happy and excited. Feels like I've been waiting years for this race! I cant wait 7 days. Luckily in just a few days it will be practice sessions and then qualifying followed by the race itself. I have never been more excited. I feel like a kid in a chocolate factory.

Australia will be a change. Big driver changes happened with Vettel going Ferrari and Alonso going to McLaren. Sadly, due to his incident in testing he is unable to take part in Australia. Nevertheless he will be back!

Testing has given us an idea of what to expect. Mercedes still have the lead. However, other teams like Williams are catching up and the Ferrari isn't looking too bad either.

These next few days could not go faster. I am ready for the season to start and this will be my first full F1 season in which I will write a blog post about every race and whatever else F1 related.