The F1 fans and stereotypes

Hello! So something that's really been bugging me lately is stereotypes. Why is it so weird if we don't fit into the stereotype?
I grew up slowly getting in to F1. I would walk into the room, see it was on and leave because I thought it was a male thing. When its not. F1 is and should be a place for everyone no matter what their age or gender. I once tweeted about wanting to see the film 'Rush' and someone replied saying 'do you even know who they are?' It was at that moment when my body filled with anger. I wouldn't be wanting to see a film if I didn't know who the people in it where. Yes, I'm not the stereotypical F1 fan. Its not a big deal.
Susie Wolff fully deserved all the publicity she received when she first participated in a practice session. Maybe F1 was known as a 'mans world' but not anymore. Women are being more widely accepted and Susie is an example of this. She has beaten stereotypes and doubt about her driving skills and got where she has today. And I'm proud of that. However, in my opinion gender should not matter in whether you can compete or be a fan of F1.
I must admit at first I was hesitant to tell people that I love F1. But now I don't care who knows. Yes some people were a bit shocked but a lot of people just treated me like any other F1 fan. I feel stupid for worrying about it in the first place. Like I said, I may not be the typical fan. I like shopping and clothes but I love F1 as well. Two very different things but they make me who I am. F1 is more important to me than things like shopping in all honesty.
So, if you have an interest in something and it goes against a stereotype then fuck it, who cares? One day stereotypes will be a thing of the past. If it makes you happy and you love it then why does it matter why anyone thinks? Going against a stereotype isn't a bad thing. Be proud of what you are interested in, never let what anyone says get you down.