Mid-season review 2015: Part two

This is the second of three parts analysing how the teams have faired so far this season.

Red Bull: They lacked laps in pre-season. The team and not happy with their engine and it is easy to see why. Ricciardo and Kvyat have been on the podium once so far. Results wise, each driver has only retired once, not including when Kvyat didn't start in Australia. However, both are consistent in ending up in the points. Both putting up great battles with other drivers within the field. They are doing great with the lack of power. Showing, they are pushing all the time, getting everything out of the car they can. They have faced a lot of penalties for changing parts of the engine or the engine itself and still manage to get points when they can. Red Bull should be good if the drivers keep extracting everything they can from the cars.

Force India: Not had the best first half of the season. Their car hasn't performed the way they had hoped. This has been evident in their results. Both drivers struggling to get an amount of points they can be happy with. Scrapping for the last few places in the top 10. When it comes to qualifying, Hulkenberg has out qualified Perez 8-2. Wow. that's a big margin. However, Perez is better in the race and beaten Hulkenberg in the race 6-4. Showing qualifying isn't a big issue; Perez gets it right when it matters. The team have two good drivers. As their car improves, the drivers will be able to fight and aim for higher positions. 

Lotus: They have continued to be faced with problems. Have they had a stress weekend this season? Don't think so. Maldonado has retired 6 times so far this season; some his fault, some not. Grosjean only 3. Which does explain why Grosjean is winning in the team mate head to head. Finishing infront of Maldonado 8 times. Furthermore Grosjean has out qualified Maldonado 9-1. And, finished in the points 3 more times. The team hasn't had the best luck overall but Grosjean himself has out performed his team mate in every scenario so far.

Toro Rosso: Going into the season they had two rookies. If any team can show the potential of two new, young drivers its Toro Rosso. All attention was on 17 year old Verstappen who has not disappointed. Showing amazing over takes and achieving a 4th position. On the other side of the garage, Sainz has been quietly getting on with things. He has finished in the points twice as much as Verstappen and is winning the team mate battle for the race and qualifying. Both drivers have shown why they are on the grid. Still young and bound to make mistakes; like Verstappen's accident in Monaco. They have bounced back from bad weekends. Toro Rosso have two incredible drivers who have are showing signs to be deserving a drive in a top seat one day. 

Part 3 will be up in a few days, so keep your eyes out!