Mid-season review 2015: Part three

Finally got round to doing part three of my mid season review. Okay, i know its late. But better late than never right? I wont delay it any longer, lets get to it!

McLaren: What can I say. The first half of their season has not gone the way they had hoped. Just been problem after problem for them. Even when frustration boils over, the drivers remain positive. Which is an important thing. They are both doing the best they can and taking every race as it comes. For two world champions that cannot be easy. However, both drivers have scored points on two separate occasions each. So they at least have something to show for so far. Things are evenly matched between the two as both driver has retired 5 times. None being because of driver error. They are doing everything right and just need to maintain the positive attitude.

Sauber: The team started off the season well with both drivers scoring their maiden points in F1 in Australia. However, Sauber have been waiting longer than other teams for upgrades. This has hindered their chances in points. Although, both drivers have had 3 points finishes so far and only one retirement each. Ericsson's in Malaysia for driver error and Nasr who retied on the way to the grid in Britain due to gearbox issue. The team seems to have a good car with hard working drivers which allows them to challenge the mid-field and fight for points. 

Manor Marussia: They got off to a rough start causing them to miss the season opener in Australia. In the following race the team were able to run Roberto Merhi but not Will Stevens. The team have had several retirements but have been able to get their cars to the finish. The car may be uncompetitive right now but things will slowly start to improve. Half way into the season and Stevens is just leading the head to head battle. It will be interesting to see how they go in races between the two of them as they are only really fighting each other. Onwards and upwards for this team.

Well thats it for my mid season review! I am excited for the second half of the season and extremely glad F1 is back!