Going to the British GP!

It was a dream come true for me when I received the tickets, I was in such shock that I was actually going to be there live at a F1 race that I cried of happiness. In the run up to it I was so excited and full of disbelief. Then the day finally arrived!

I was up at 5am making sure I had everything I needed, wearing my F1 shirt and my Ferrari hat. I also had my jacket because its england, I knew it would rain at some point. We headed off at 6am for the journey to the park and ride were we would get on a bus that would transport us to the track. We had no traffic and the park and ride was so easy. Just parked your car and got on one of the busses they had (there were a lot!) and within 10 minutes we were at the track. Walked about a minute, showed our tickets and we were in!

All we could hear was the GP3 race which had just started. I was amazed by the sound and it was slowly hitting me that by the end of the day I will have seen GP3, GP2 and F1. The boys (my dad and brother) decided they needed to eat something. So after we walked round a little bit and bought a programme, they got some food. While they were doing that I decided to look through the programme and then we discussed where we wanted to go and watch the races from.

We walked round and we arrived behind the grandstands opposite the pit lane. By this point the GP2 cars were lining up so we decided to stay and watch them go on their warm up lap and the first lap and then walk and find the best spot. The first thing we said to each other was how loud the GP2 cars are! Much louder than on TV. We managed to find a spot where we could see the cars coming round a corner, go past us and we could see the pit entry, and we had a screen behind us which was helpful!

So we had found our spot for the afternoon so we got the picnic rug out and sat down, we probably started eating some food we had brought with us at this point too while also taking photos and watching the GP2 race. I think after the GP2 race was when it first started to rain a little. We encountered short but heavy spells of rain. It didn't rain when the driver parade was on. Okay I'm fairly sure Marcus Ericsson waved at me but please no one burst my bubble.

Not long after the driver parade the pit lane was open and the cars were driving around on their way to line up on the grid. Wasn't long after that when the heavens opened and we had to fold our picnic rug over our stuff so it didn't get wet. All three of us were prepared in case it did rain, however no one thought to bring an umbrella, but it was all good we managed to stay as dry as we could. Plus we had nice people near us who let us stand under their big umbrella. After awhile the rain finally stopped and just before the race was about to start! This meant the first few laps would be exciting as the track was quite wet. But first we were treated to the red arrows who did an excellent performance.

The race starting behind the safety car was a little disappointing but the track was quite wet and no one knew how the track would be. Once the safety car was in it was a very enjoyable race witnessing moves and people darting into the pits. There was something about knowing who had gone into the pits when the commentators hadn't told us that I quite liked! Not sure why but it was all part of the experience. I liked having the option to watch the screen behind me and then turn around and see the cars go past me with my own eyes.

After the race we made our way on to the track and towards the podium. I did fangirl a little bit at the fact that I was on a race track which had just been raced on by lots of my favourite drivers. Of course I got a picture sitting on the kerbs, I mean who wouldn't!? The podium and start/finish straight were packed with people, all trying to do the same thing, take photos! But it was still an amazing experience which I will never forget. The only thing any of us said we would change is getting a grandstand ticket instead of general admission. Other than that we all enjoyed ourselves and were sad to leave.

We headed back towards where the busses were and it was very easy to find which one we needed to get on and within 10 minutes we were on the bus heading back to the car. Getting back to the car wasn't an issue, neither was getting out of the park and ride.

Overall, it was a dream come true, lived up to expectations and in some ways exceeded them. I cannot wait to save up and go again! I couldn't have wished for a better time, all made the experience. If you asked me to pick a favourite part, I can't tell you because I loved every single minute of it. I would thoroughly recommend going yourself if you're a F1 fan! Going to Silverstone to watch F1 is ticked off my bucket list finally!