My year of motorsport

This year I have had the most amazing time when it comes to motorsport. This time last year I never thought I would have had some of the experiences I have encountered. I feel so fortunate and grateful that I am able to do these things and have more to look forward to.

Silverstone for F1, London for FE and Snetterton for BTCC. Silverstone I had known about going into 2016 as it was a gift, but Snetterton and London was all me. I had only just gotten a job in July when I went to all these events, yet they had already been paid for. I am fortunate that I have relatives in London, one of whom wanted to come with me and allowed me to stay with her. So I didn't have to pay to stay anywhere. But I paid for train tickets there and back, I got a visitors oyster card, I bought my own FE tickets. Yes the event itself is reasonably priced, when you add everything else on top, it is a fair amount. However, all the money was well spent.

Snetterton was the first time myself and my friend Lisa had sorted out anything to do with going away without our parents help. We bought the tickets and paid for them as well as camping. We bought a tent, bought all the food and drink, we jointly paid for petrol for me to drive us there and back. Everything, we did together. That gave us so much confidence and we enjoyed the experience that whole lot more because we felt we earned it. Lisa had a job long time before so she earned that money, I just used up what I had before my first pay day. We did not regret anything we did. That's a lie, we wish we had bought a few more bits of food and for sure more water. But thats a lesson we have learnt for when we go again to Snett next year and other BTCC races we have planned.

I have loved each and every one of those races I watched, not a lot but a lot for me. I may not be going to F1 this year due to money, but a potential FE trip to Paris has been thought about! And 4 or 5 BTCC races have been planned. So next year will be just as exciting because even if im not there live, I will still be watching and remembering my own experience.

It's crazy, you wait to go to one and three come at once! Those memories will never be replaced. Although I hope new ones will be made. Motorsport gets me through and the experiences I have had get me through and will always be the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you take anything away from this blog post, let it be that dreams do come true, yes some may be gifted to you but you will be able to earn money to make them come true. So never give up and when it finally happens you wont be the same person you were when you went. I realised my heart is at every race track and that spurs me on to be a happier person.

Until next time!