Hello 2017...

This is the third time I have attempted to write this post. Every time I want to put something different. This time I am sure about what I want to say. That's the truth.

Truth is, I thoroughly enjoyed my entrance to 2017 with one of my best friends in Germany. I have so much to look forward to, a whole year that isn't devoted to exams and education. Although saying that, I am learning so much more since finishing my A levels! I also had a new job which I started yesterday and I love the friends I currently have and the plans I have solidified and the ones which are up in the air. I had so much to look forward to and be excited and motivated about 2017.

But upon returning from Germany and going back into reality, I was very unmotivated. I felt awful that it was a new year and I was so excited yet I would lay in bed hoping to find a reason to do something. This made me dread my first day at my new job. I thought how was I suppose to impress when I didn't feel motivated on a day to day basis? Surprisingly, working was exactly what I needed to do. I feel like I have a new lease of life, I am embracing this new job and the changes. I have a lot to learn! If you didn't know I moved from working on conference in a hotel to a much smaller one where I would do cooking, cleaning, reception, bar. Basically a lot more responsibilities! Which I am so grateful that I was given this job for multiple reasons. It is better on every level. But that doesn't make it any easier, so many new skills to learn and current skills to improve on.

I was the last person who expected this to motivate me. I guess not having anything to work my life around made me feel lost, I have always had something. I went from working my life around school and sixth form and then a job. It's weird that my job is motivating me when it's not my dream job or anywhere near that.

I dont know what my point to this blog post is, maybe it has just taken me longer than everyone else to jump into the new year. Like I said, I have lots of plans (and plans around work probably!) but I am going to enjoy and appreciate everything that comes my way this year. Hopefully you will see this in my blogs, they may not all be motorsport related (sorry not sorry if you only want to read motorsport on here), this is my blog and I am going to embrace it with open arms. No exams or i've got lots of work to do so I cant blog or do this or whatever. Saying that, I am not going to set myself all these targets, I am going to achieve as I go because my life doesn't end when the year does, it carries on and so will those ambitions and dreams if they haven't been accomplished. If I do achieve them then I will make more, you can always achieve more than you think you can and I believe there is always a fire that keeps burning in a person, even if they achieve the first dream they set.

I achieved mine, I have loads more set.

Don't be sad one dream is over when another one is just beginning