Why am I grateful for Dare to be Different and Autosport

When Dare to be different (D2BD) first launched there was so much praise for Susie Wolff and Autosport. They acknowledged there is an issue of stereotypes around women in motorsport and they brainstormed a way in which to not only motivate females to aim for a job in motorsport if they wanted but to also inspire generations. You have the younger ones who are learning to do karting races because they enjoy it and it doesn’t matter if they’re the only girl there. But the thing that really strikes me about D2BD is the audience in which they are engaging with. They want female’s jobs in motorsport to be as broad and as equal as men’s. Getting into motorsport is hard enough as it is so when D2BD launched I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. They are working their very best with the best people to allow people like me, with a dream to work in motorsport, and have it potentially be at my reach with hard work.
I was sad however to see that the D2BD stand at the Autosport show was small, but it is still very new and building a bigger community every day. Shortly after that I found out that D2BD where working with Autosport to give a small group of wannabe motorsport journalists (like myself) a day at the Autosport office. I could not have been more excited, finally there was something that was screaming for me to apply for. You had to write 200 words on why you felt you deserved the opportunity and link some work you had written. Those 200 words I thought over and over and over again in my head. Those 200 words may have been the best 200 words I have ever typed in my whole life. Of course I sent the link to my blog. I had no idea if my work was going to be good enough. However, I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t at least try. The pressure was on especially when Deputy Editor Matt Beer was choosing the people! A day at a very highly rated publication? SIGN ME UP
There wasn’t a long wait to hear back but I was very anxious, I knew this would have a big impact on my motivation and confidence. But one morning I was checking my emails and read the words ‘Congratulations’ and I read the email that I had a place if I was able to make the date. I could not run down the stairs to tell my family quick enough. I wanted it so much and I always felt my blog went unnoticed but to know it was good enough was incredible and I couldn’t wait to share the news with people that have always supported me.
The day itself was amazing, a group of 12 girls from different backgrounds, ages all there because they want a similar thing in life was incredible. Everyone had their opinions but was so respectful towards each other. All so friendly! I was of course nervous but I don’t know why, so silly! I learnt a lot from that day and the other girls. Listening to their side of things and just chatting gave me a good feeling I have never felt before. I was so happy that day and I have been on a high since. More motivated than ever and with more appreciation for the girls I met that day, the people at Autosport who took time out of their schedule to spend a day showing and telling us what it’s like. Also, shout out to Fatima and Lucy who are doing amazing things on the Junior Autosport programme! Another person I was grateful to meet was Jack Benyon who spent the whole day with us and took us to the beehive where unseen photos are kept along with every magazine they have ever published. Plus he creates a mean quiz.
I know without D2BD I would never have had this opportunity and met so many genuine people. That day really did change my attitude to my dream job and the fact that with hard work and dedication, I can achieve it.

So thankyou not only to D2BD but to Autosport as well. I will forever grateful for the experience I have had and I know you will do your best to give other girls opportunities they never would have dreamed of!