D2BD Event: 2 hours for advice that will last a lifetime

Dare to be different did a panel in London on Saturday which I was lucky enough to attend. It was two hours long but I can tell you this, that day will stick with me. The panel consisted of Jennie Gow, Rebecca Jackson, Lucy Taylor and Claire Banner, all well respected hard working women in motorsport. I was honoured to be able to listen to all 4 of them tell their story and give us all advice. They all had different things to say as they all did different things. However, there were a few things they repeated which resonated with me as the things I should 100% take away with me.

They all came from different backgrounds and have achieved different things but are arguably at their peak or reaching it. They are all busy women but I am thankful that they are taking time out of their busy schedules to encourage the rest of us. I almost said the ‘younger generation’ but you can change career at any age and I know a couple of people in their late 20’s that want to work in motorsport and are part of Dare to be different and they can make it too. That’s what the community is about, age does not matter, what matters is working hard for what you really want.

A couple of things they all said was parts won’t be easy, you have to work hard and pester (anyone at the event will know). It’s about not giving up and keep going, doing whatever you have to do and putting yourself out there, being consistent, not taking no for an answer. That is some of the things they did to get where they are and anyone can do those things. I want it bad enough and I am ready to get my name/work out there, keep contacting teams and going to events, do whatever it takes.

There was a small Q&A session but that’s because I think we all wanted to speak to them privately and I was straight up to that panel. Made a B line after. Probably looked quite funny from someone else’s perspective. And yes I did feel overwhelmed and cried in front of them. So I must thank them all for being so nice about it and Jennie and Lucy who got up to come stand with me. After speaking to the lovely ladies and telling them what I currently do with my blog and future plans I have in the works they were full of support. I asked them if they thought I was doing the right things to get where I want to be. They said yes and fully believed if I keep working hard and pestering, I can make it. I then found a new reason to be motivated, to not let these women and their support for me down. They all said we are more than welcome to contact them at any time with any questions which I just think is so amazing.

I got to see Sophia and Liz again and meet new friends like Megan, Toni, Josie. It’s brought me closer to people I look up to and interact with on social media. I have people in a similar boat as me to talk about and get advice from. My one regret is not talking to as many people as I would have liked.
I have felt quite demotivated the last couple of weeks but I did tear up listening to all of them (praise the lord for sitting at the back). It brought back all the passion and determination I have and reminded me why I work hard. It was exactly what I needed and it will stay with me.

Thank you to Jennie, Lucy, Rebecca, Claire but most importantly Dare to be different for bringing us together, doing what they do and relighting the spark in me when I need it!