BTCC and F1: The best circuits

They make up the racing calendar for the year, they offer different characteristics and challenges. I have a few from BTCC and F1 which I love so I thought I would share them with you and see if you agree with me or not.

Lets start off with BTCC tracks. I love Snetterton from a fans perspective. There are great corners which allow for close driving and overtaking opportunities. The Senna straight from a fans perspective is incredible, You see overtakes all over the place and last year there was a massive crash right in front of me. The track was never short of action and has amazing viewing points. Long straights and tight corners, mix of everything. 

Brands Hatch offers a lot of entertainment. There is a reason it starts and ends the season. Just walk up the big hill when you have energy not at the end of a hot day, rookie mistake! The main straight is long enough there is lots of action and the uphill first corner together are a right pair. Plus the last few corners just ask for over takes. You can see so much of the track and get so close to the action. Going back to the main straight, if something happens down there you can see it, whether its seeing them go round the first corner, coming out the last corner or watching them get off the start line and seeing who gets the best start. 

Croft has to make this list. I haven't been to this track myself like I have with the others but from seeing it on TV it never fails to give us a good race. You are pushing 100% on this track, one mistake and someone is overtaking you, going off can lead you straight into a barrier or even a field, which did catch people out from BTCC and F4. I remember never taking my eyes off the race. It is a track that is on my list of one to go to.

Im going to keep BTCC at three so I dont repeat myself too much because every track they go to is action packed and is worth watching. Right F1 time now and like with BTCC tracks I am taking into consideration the other categories that go round with the main championship.

Silverstone is one of my favourite obviously. Unpredictable weather just adds to it. It's the only race track I've gone to see F1 at, I have also seen BTCC there, it has a lot of memories there for me. That feeling of seeing some of my favourite drivers going round my home track is one I can never describe. I also can never get away from this track as it is permanently on my arm! I have also camped there for WEC which was incredible, what a track. 

Monaco is one every fan dreams of going to. The beautiful country offers home to the classic circuit in which if a driver makes a mistake it is costly for them. It is one of the three to win along with Indy 500 and Le Mans. That really highlights how important this track is. It challenges every single driver, even the best and champions make mistakes which is normally race ending. It may not offer a lot of overtaking opportunities which is a downfall however it forces drivers who are really determined to also be very brave and clever to pull off an overtaking move. 

Yas Marina would be insane to attend. Offers great racing, normally because it is the last race of the season and everyone is fighting their hearts out. Most drivers have nothing to lose depending on if the championship has already been won but there are always teams battling to the end in the constructors. It is also a night race which you cannot hate, sparks flying off the cars and the lights shining down on them, the track itself is a decent lay out, you can overtake but not too much. It is a good all rounder, a driver doesn't have to rely on qualifying, if they have a bad one they can make their way through the field. Although saying that the field is closer than ever this season. I believe it is the perfect track to end the season.

I do like a lot of tracks, I actually have no issue with any, these are just my stand outs for BTCC and F1. Some of these tracks I have been lucky enough to go to and others I am working hard towards. These are just my stand outs and you may disagree with me which I respect fully and would love to hear about. After all, we are all fans and support different teams and drivers and will like some circuits and not others.