Charlie/Mini Moff

If you heard the name Charlie you would think of everyone you know called Charlie but if you heard someone talk about Mini Moff you would know exactly who they were on about; and that’s 6 year old Charlie. Charlie is Aiden Moffat’s mascot, he is a regular face around the BTCC paddock, joining Aiden at the autograph sessions and watching qualifying and races in the garage or hospitality. Charlie first attended his local circuit Brands Hatch when he was only a year old. But by then he had already picked Aiden as his favourite after watching him on TV at Brands Hatch in 2013.

I was lucky enough to meet Charlie at media day last week (thanks to his lovely mum Jane) and he just radiates happiness and excitement. He is just so happy to be there and he has so many people looking out for him as I saw Clio Cup driver, Jade Edwards come up to him and she picked him up and messed about with him. It was so nice to see him so happy around everyone. I asked Charlie if he ever expected to go to all these different races and be Aiden’s mascot and he said no, he just liked Aiden. I don’t think anyone expected it to work out the way it has but you can tell not only himself but his family are grateful for it as well. His mum Jane also helps out with hospitality (she sold me a shirt last season) and made everyone lunch on media day.

Charlie told me he wants to be a touring car driver, when asked who he wanted his team mate to be, guess who he said? Yes, Aiden Moffat! He said Aiden would help him and give him all the advice he needs to win. Charlie is only 6 but he has goals and that is never a bad thing! He is already karting and will compete in a few open meetings this year. He is being coached by British GT4 Champion Jack Mitchell (not a bad choice ay?) So, when Charlie is 7 he will hopefully be ready to join cadet karts and work his way to join Aiden in BTCC!

Until then, Charlie is just going to continue to hang out with Aiden every race weekend and support his favourite driver.