I'm ready for BTCC Snetterton!

Its that time again where we are half way through the BTCC season with five rounds to go!

Next up is Snetterton and a couple of years ago I did a blog post called ‘why I am so excited for Snetterton’ and nothing as changed. This year will be my fourth year in a row camping and it is now my tradition with my group of friends. Sadly, Becki and Hannah cant make it this year (were all doing brands instead) so it is up to me, Dan and Jay to have the best time for them.

Snetterton always brings the action. Drivers and teams come back refreshed and ready to either build on what they’ve done so far, or in Aiden Moffat’s example wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. Everyone has a new lease of life and determination to do better which always provides entertainment and on track action.

For me, Snetterton is just perfect, my other closest tracks are at the start and end of season so this race weekend in the summer after break is amazing. A few days away in what is normally good weather at one of my favourite places with some of my favourite people. Its not just my friend’s I camp with either, you get to know the people camping around you and that just brings a whole new feel to it, you can all have a laugh, borrow things if need be. One group we always camp near helped us try to temporarily fix one our tents when it broke in the wind last year. It is also nice to wonder around Friday afternoon round the track and paddock and see everyone setting up and how excited they are. People will always try and make time to stop and chat but a Friday is much more chilled so easier to either catch up with people or say hello.

The facilities at the campsite is what you would expect but it isn’t bad and they do provide live music Friday and Saturday night. It is just nice to not have to worry about going home or being stuck in traffic, you come and go from the tent as you like. Once track action is over you can wonder, go on the track, go back to the tent, grab a drink and start the BBQ. It just feels like the world and its time is your own, no rush what so ever.

I will recommend not only snetteron as a circuit but the camping too and I will time and time again. If you haven’t booked your tickets yet for BTCC even if its just the Sunday or weekend and youre not camping let me know. Also, do share your thoughts on camping and what you like about Snetterton!