Behind the tyre barriers: 'it can be mentally tiring'

Being a marshal takes a lot of sacrifice, takes up a whole weekend, can be any weather and you don't know how the day will go. But most importantly a marshal needs to be passionate about it and a lot of commitment and I believe every marshal has that dedication. However, it could be easy to forget how physically and mentally draining it can be.

The obvious physical aspect is the fact that a marshal predominately stands all day in all weather conditions which can vary. I cant imagine it is not much fun to stand in 25 degree heat all day in fire proof overalls and steel capped boots! I definitely couldn't do it!

 Kac said one mentally challenging part of being a flag marshal is trying to keep track of who is where and who to show what flag, especially when someone is a lap down etc. Marshal's have to 'keep on top with each drivers positions' and knowing who is who from a distance. Apparently, the trick was to look at wing mirror or any strip colours, good idea!

It can be tiring and mentally and physically draining but I think the mental feeling of being with like-minded people, doing something you enjoy, watching motorsport up close and personal would be so uplifting. One thing I was repeatably told was how nice it was to be with their little family and marshal community. I can imagine its a nice escape and a little bit like a second home for a weekend. Motorsport is one big family, brings everyone together and that's one of my favourite things about it. It is always so nice to be reunited with people you haven't seen in a while, have a good time and watch some race cars but sounds like it might be more fun getting in the thick of the action.

I know this is a shorter post than my others but no one said anything bad about it affecting them, physically or mentally. Okay, you may be tired for a couple of days after the weekend but if you go as a fan, you get used to it. I think being a marshal has a good effect on everyone I spoke to, they thoroughly enjoy being a marshal and would recommend it to everyone interested to give it a go.

I hope you have all enjoyed my marshal series, I just felt they needed to be spoke about more because they are the unsung heroes of motorsport. A massive thank you to every marshal that messaged me and told me their story! I couldn't have done it without you, I am grateful you trust me to tell part of your journey and the information I was given. I respect every marshal more than I even thought possible. Who knows, my little series might have even convinced someone to go to a taster day!

Thank you marshal's for doing what you do.


  1. Thanks for your reports, I have found them very interesting,and helpful , look forward to my taster day at Brands Hatch

    1. Aw thank you very much for your kind words! Do let me know how your taster day goes would love to hear about it ☺️

  2. Great series spot on for advice too, I only started being a marshal after attending the btcc in May at thruxton went into the tent signed up for a training day for track, throughly enjoyed the experience so I joined the bmmc. After another event at thruxton I was asked have I tried a speed event so I went to gurston down hill climb,completely different to track in my opinion better. But one thing that is a constant is the friendliness of the marshals all the ones I have had the pleasure of meeting give great advice and are very helpful plus the banter is great. To anyone thinking of becoming a marshal DO IT you won't look back

    Julian fowler

  3. Now I know why I do it in all weather.
    But I wouldn’t change it,!


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