Missing BTCC? My top 3 moments

I imagine that like me, you are all missing the action and fun surrounding BTCC as the season should have recently started this season. We all know due to ongoing issues in the world there is no motorsport in the UK at the moment until atleast July. That seems ages away but we don't need to be sad. We may have to stay inside but we can use this time to improve ourselves, whether that be a new skill, new hobby, the world is our oyster. If you are a key worker then I want to say thank you for continuing to work hard and look out for us, we appreciate you more than you know. 

I decided we can still enjoy BTCC, I am going to round up my top 3 moments throughout the last couple of seasons.

3. Dan Cammish crashes out in the last race of 2019 to hand the championship title to Colin Turkington.

I feel this maybe the one everyone thinks of first as it is the most recent but every fan was on the edge of their seat to see who was going to win the championship last year. I love that the battle normally continues into the last round and this one went down to the final race and the final few laps. Colin Turkington is arguable one of the best BTCC drivers and the one everyone wants to beat. Cammish was just finishing his second season in the championship and what a way to end it by fighting till the very end. In his rookie season he won the Jack Sears Trophy and it would have been mighty impressive if he had been able to follow it up with the overall championship the consecutive year. Cammish put himself in the best position for the championship until his brakes failed in the final two laps causing him to crash. This ultimately left Turkington with one job to do, to bring the car home in 6th to round his points total to 320, outscoring Cammish and Andrew Jordan by just 2 points. You can relive the final few laps of last season below:

2. Jack Goff wins with Team HARD in tricky conditions at Silverstone.

Again this is a throwback to last year and a race with mixed conditions. Goff and Aiden Moffat (in his Infinite he switched to half way through the season) both gambled and went on wet tyres early on in the race. Goff started at the very back for the final race of the day after retiring in race 2 so a gamble on to wets was a good idea as he had nothing to lose. It was a guessing game of when to change tyres and do you risk it but Goff and Aiden stormed through the field to the front with the Team HARD driver leading the way. Laser Tool's Moffat started to close in on Goff before having a spin which gave everyone in his garage a heart attack (I was in the garage and it was intense to say the least). Moffat had to settle for second, the first podium in the Infinite while Goff took Team Hard's first outright win and his first win since Snetterton 2018. You can remind yourself of this eventful race with R27 in 100s here:

1. Jack Goff and Ash Sutton go side by side over the line at Snetterton 2018

So Goff's last win before the one above was also won in dramatic style. He likes to make his wins memorable doesn't he? This has to be one of the closest wins I have ever witnessed.  I remember being on the edge of your seat, where they going to make contact? Was one of them going to slip up in the wet? Or will they go neck and neck to the line? The latter being the everyone's preferred option and outcome! Goff was all over the back of Sutton in the last lap and coming round the final corner Goff moved over to the side and now it was about speed and Goff just got over the line first!
You can watch another one of Goff's marvellous wins here:

There you go, there are my top 3 moments over the last couple of seasons. This doesn't change the fact I miss BTCC and all the action but it just shows we can re-watch thrilling moments and enjoy them. There is lots on youtube, clips and full races from multiple seasons, I know you can also buy season review DVD's online, perfect for times like these where we all need to stay sane and still have our motorsport fix!

I hope you enjoyed my top 3 moments, dont forget to let me know what your favourite moments are in BTCC! Would love to know, I bet there is loads! 


  1. My Daughter Sam, is a huge fan of Dan Cammish, so was absolutely devastated when Dan's brakes failed. I walked from the viewing bank she was on towards the end of the race, back to my Trade Stall to display our pre-designed "Cammish Champion" poster, when I heard the "oohs" and "aggghhhs" from the crowd. A quick text from Sam revealed what had happened, just in time for me to get out our pre-designed "Turkington Champion" poster instead.


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