Merchandise: Does it matter where you get it from?

If there is one thing I am guilty of every race weekend I go to is buying merchandise, I am also likely to order online too! 

There are so many places you can get merchandise, Dread and Harlequin Teamwear are the main places to get teams and drivers merchandise they have bought out. They both have stalls at weekends and an online store. I have bought from both and they are good quality and a range from shirts, hats, jackets, coats, etc. I also do like dread because they stock BTCC merchandise and thats where I bought my BTCC bag from a few years ago that I love and have used ever since. It has lasted so well, through rain and shine and looks as good as it did when I bought it. Teamwear and BTCC stuff can be expensive but it is always good quality and it is always nice to have a bit of your favourite driver or teams official kit. Dread just released Laser Tools Racing merchandise and I have a couple of bits and the jacket is so nice, the material is soft, fits really well, it looks good. I know I am going to get lots of wear out of it and moneys worth!

However, price isn't everything, you can still get good quality stuff for a good price. I love BTCC Blueprints. They do mugs, coasters, phone cases, tops, stickers, beanies/hats, keyrings and more!  I am sure I have purchased other things and whenever I look it always looks good quality and well done. I have even just ordered a Laser Tools Racing mug that was in their sale!

The Scrapyard also do a similar thing to BTCC Blueprints, they even take requests. For example, I contacted them about an Aiden Moffat beanie and they were more than willing to make one for me, such lovely people. Good quality products definitely worth checking out and if you cant see exactly what they are after just give them a message!

They have new and past champions eg. Alain Menu. They have things going back to 1958! They have something for everyone and if you cant see it at their stand or online I am sure if you ask them they will be more than happy to see what they can do for you! They have also started to have driver signings from 2019. I remember seeing crowds around that so its another opportunity for you to see and meet your favourite drivers.

Harlequin have a wide range of sizing (as do all) and their material for the shirts are lightweight and breathable for those weekends where the sun shines! Again, very comfy and long lasting. They have their owns stall at race weekends and they are incredibly friendly and helpful, they want to make sure you are happy with what you are purchasing, maybe even treating yourself to!

Like I said, I have bought from all 3 and have had no issues with any. Always happy with what I have got. If you want the official stuff and are happy to spend a little bit more then Dread and Harlequin is the way to go. Although if you want lots of little bits or limit yourself to a few expensive bits then btcc blueprints is 100% worth a visit. I would recommend it to anyone and every fan. They also do special edition shirts like BTCC Showdown one they did last year for Brands Hatch.

So, I don't believe it matters where you get your merchandise from, all that matters is you are comfortable in what you are wearing and representing your favourite team/driver. Can you guess from these pictures who might be one of my favourites? I think it really depends on what you are after and what your budget is. And there is always ebay too, can find some gems on there! I will leave the link to all three online stores below as I know teams are releasing new merchandise at the moment and btcc blueprints have 2020 stuff too and also a clearance section! 

Let me know where you get your merchandise from and your favourite, most treasured you have ever got whether you've been gifted it or brought it yourself! For me, it has to be my BTCC backpack, cant do a race weekend without it.