How BTCC has led the way in lockdown

We all know I love BTCC and will go on and on about how great I think it is but they are doing very well with keeping fans engaged throughout the absence of on track action.

Every Sunday that was scheduled to be a race weekend they are getting fans to vote for their favourite races at that circuit and showing the top 3, also known as race day with a difference. It is a brilliant idea, people can relive old races or watch ones they haven’t seen for the first time. Fans can either re-watch thrilling races from the comfort of their bed or sofa watching it on TV/laptop or take their laptop outside, in the sun mimicking what it would have been like at a racetrack.

There are some cracking races that get shown. You get some older races too, some before I started really watching BTCC. So, you get a chance to see what drivers were around and what they could do, get some more background knowledge on people and teams and even some interesting liveries! It is the perfect opportunity to learn more or relive some cracking times if you were watching back then. The more recent years races they replay continue to remind us about how close the field is, all the brilliant drivers BTCC has and get us more excited to when we are finally allowed to get going when it is safe.

Most if not all the teams have now released their new merchandise for the 2020 season and places like BTCC Blueprints have updated their stickers, mugs etc with the 2020 liveries and drivers. You can still get excited and into this season without it kicking off yet. We all get to represent and support our favourite teams or drivers this year without being trackside. So, we can still get our hands on some merchandise!

Some drivers and companies are also running competitions to keep us entertained. For example Tom Ingram, he has been doing some limited edition ‘wish you were here’ postcards that I believe have gone down very well. If you are lucky enough to get one, you need to look for a gold 80 in the top left corner of the postcard. If you see one of those, that means you win a prize! It could be an item of merchandise like a t-shirt or hat or race day doing VIP with Ingram.

BTCC Blueprints are also running competitions to win bundles and goodies. Okay you might be stuck at home most days but you could be stuck at home drinking out of a mug with your favourite car or team on, or could spend a day putting up a poster or stickers you have won from taking part.

The BTCC app is also a handy thing to have right now, any news will be on the app, as well as interviews, an extra race day with a difference! They are also going to be launching btcc careers where fans can select a job role and find out all about it. Giving fans the opportunity to learn about key responsibilities, any qualifications that person has, whether that just be just out of interest or hope of following in their footsteps! The statement BTCC released about this also says there may be the chance for a fan to shadow a person in the TOCA package for a day on a race weekend, Covid-19 restrictions pending of course.

BTCC is keeping the fans engaged and occupied. They are doing their best to give fans the entertainment they want and deserve. We may not know when things will return back to the way they were but we can be sure BTCC will be there providing us with things to do but its not long to go now before real racing can resume!