Thank you Claire Williams

 Today it was announced that Claire Williams will be stepping away from Formula 1 after this weekend. This news comes weeks after the sale of Williams. Personally, it is such a shame to know the Williams family will no longer be a part of this sport they have a long history in.

I have always felt some support for Williams as we share the same name but they were a family run team and you could see how much it all meant to them. Myself, along with everyone else in motorsport felt sorry for the team when they dropped to the back of the grid.

I want to take this time to thank Claire Williams for everything she has done for the team. She has faced so much criticism and people blaming her for the downfall of the team. Throughout it all, she has remained focused, resilient and positive even when times were extremely tough. And shes even planned a wedding, got married and gave birth!

Claire stands for so much and will always be an inspiration. She is a woman who has for years ran a Formula 1 team. Claire has done through all the hard times and been part of the Williams team since 2002, almost 20 years working for the team and going through the ranks to team principal.

Claire has shown us women that we can do, if we work hard, be positive, resilient, we can do anything we set our minds too. In a time when there is a constant push for change and opportunities be made available for everyone, she has demonstrated it is possible. Dreams are not unreachable.

I wont forget meeting her during the Spanish GP in 2018. She was extremely friendly and left a lasting impression on me. She was so happy to be there and chat to people and have pictures taken. I remember telling her I support them as we have the same surname, she joked and told me I was wearing the wrong team shirt! 

Claire, along with the other females working in motorsport are so inspirational and motivating. I am grateful I have been able to watch Claire during these times. She has never lost faith in the team and I hope one day she can watch the team she spent so many years of her life dedicated to, go back to winning ways. 

So, I just want to say, thank you Claire for everything you have done. Everything you have shown us females, you have truly been an inspiration and I wish you all the best and happiness in the future.