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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Singapore race review: 2014

Qualifying was so interesting yesterday that I had high hopes for the race. I was not disappointed. My favourite race so far.

Mixed day for Mercedes with Hamilton winning and Rosberg's issue with the car. It wasn't a good sign for Rosberg when he had to start from the pit lane. He will be able to bounce back from this and I look forward to see these two battle on in 2 weeks time. Very well done to Hamilton who managed to stay in the lead for all but one lap. Survived the restart after the safety car and the Red Bulls.

The two Red Bulls looked strong, even had some of us wondering if Vettel was going to win the race! Ricciardo had issues with his car and managed to land a place on the podium. Ferrari had a better week. Alonso struggled with tyres but unfortunately could not get on the podium. Raikkonen got stuck behind a Williams and had a fairly quiet race. Both Williams drivers also had a quiet race. Massa seemed to be lonely but finished in a strong 5th place. However, Bottas' tyres lost all grip near the end of the race and sadly dropped out of a points position.

 McLaren had an interesting day. Sadly Button was unable to finish the race. Magnussen endured a tough race but managed to score one point. Which he said was 'the hardest point he has ever earned.' Well earned as well, some very good driving from him today. Force India both managed to gain points in todays race. Perez finished 7th even after the incident with Sutil that meant the safety car came out and he needed a new nose. Strong race for him. Hulkenberg had few battles today but drove a good race to finish 9th.

Lotus showed improvements in their car but was unable to get any points. Another team that showed improvements was Sauber. Gutierrez had a strong start and was challenging the points until he had to retire the car due to reliability issues. If that wasn't bad enough Sutil had to retire as well. Poor race for them. Torro Rosso will be happy with their race today. Vergne is clearly showing the other teams why he deserves a seat next year.

Down at the end of the field. despite Caterhams bad luck with Kobayashi not being able to start the race; Ericsson won the Caterham-Marussia battle. He finished a strong 15th and should be proud of his race. Ericsson is another driver who showed why he should be here next year. Marussia just seemed not to have the pace this weekend. This could be because the track didn't suit the car or Caterham have caught up.

I know I say this nearly every time but I really am very excited for the next race. These two weeks cannot go by quick enough!


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Do females and F1 mix?

Since starting my blog I have been wanting to talk about F1 more. However, I've realised that a lot of people my age don't watch it which makes me sad.
In my opinion the majority of the people that watch F1 are grown males. I think that may be because its always been considered a 'mans sport.' I am aware females do like the sport but people can be sexist and wonder what females actually know about the world of F1.
I get so offended when someone asks me what I know and begins asking me questions. Yes, I am a young female who loves F1. I'm not the typical fan but I feel we should be encouraging young people (including females) to watch F1 and understand the sport.
A lot of people think its just cars driving round a track but its so much more than that. I've only been really into F1 for just over a year know but I know so much more than I did. Every time I learn something new it makes me love F1 even more.
I am proud to say I'm not the stereotypical fan. However, females should be more accepted in the world of F1 and I am certain that one day we will see more females working in the garages and one day, some female F1 drivers. Honestly, I cant wait for those days.
So, I guess the point of this week's blog post was to put my opinions across about females in the F1 world.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Italy race review: 2014

Italy, home of the Ferrari's. It seemed as if Mercedes power cars had the best chance to finish high up in the points and any car that didn't have Mercedes power were going to struggle.
First off I have to say how much of a disappointment it is that Alonso had his first retirement of the season at his teams home race! Being a Ferrari fan, I was gutted. However there was so much going on in the race I didn't have time to be sad.
The start was just wow. Hamilton and Bottas both had bad starts which is unusual. While Magnussen had an amazing start up to 2nd. However, he was overtaken by Hamilton and then Bottas. Magnussen and Bottas are both young drivers and showed off what they could do, even if there was an incident that meant Magnussen had a penalty.

Perez and Button had a battle that the audience and the drivers themselves enjoyed. Great respect was shown. There was a few times when they may have collided but luckily did not! This is what F1 is all about.

Red Bull may not have qualified high up but managed to scrape 5th and 6th. Both showed pace and managed to over take. Ricciardo pulled off a magnificent pass. This guy seems to over take where no one else dares to!

Further down the field it was mostly calm. Except from Chilton who braked a little too late and had his 2nd retirement of his 2 years in F1. Gutierrez and Grosjean had a battle which resulted in contact and Gutierrez getting a puncture. Shame for Sauber, this team can't seem to have a uncomplicated race. Caterham beat the remaining Marussia of Bianchi. Caterham are slowly improving and are challenging Marussia more now.

I can't wait till Singapore! Every race just gets better and better. Lets hope this continues.