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Sunday, 18 December 2016

My year of motorsport

This year I have had the most amazing time when it comes to motorsport. This time last year I never thought I would have had some of the experiences I have encountered. I feel so fortunate and grateful that I am able to do these things and have more to look forward to.

Silverstone for F1, London for FE and Snetterton for BTCC. Silverstone I had known about going into 2016 as it was a gift, but Snetterton and London was all me. I had only just gotten a job in July when I went to all these events, yet they had already been paid for. I am fortunate that I have relatives in London, one of whom wanted to come with me and allowed me to stay with her. So I didn't have to pay to stay anywhere. But I paid for train tickets there and back, I got a visitors oyster card, I bought my own FE tickets. Yes the event itself is reasonably priced, when you add everything else on top, it is a fair amount. However, all the money was well spent.

Snetterton was the first time myself and my friend Lisa had sorted out anything to do with going away without our parents help. We bought the tickets and paid for them as well as camping. We bought a tent, bought all the food and drink, we jointly paid for petrol for me to drive us there and back. Everything, we did together. That gave us so much confidence and we enjoyed the experience that whole lot more because we felt we earned it. Lisa had a job long time before so she earned that money, I just used up what I had before my first pay day. We did not regret anything we did. That's a lie, we wish we had bought a few more bits of food and for sure more water. But thats a lesson we have learnt for when we go again to Snett next year and other BTCC races we have planned.

I have loved each and every one of those races I watched, not a lot but a lot for me. I may not be going to F1 this year due to money, but a potential FE trip to Paris has been thought about! And 4 or 5 BTCC races have been planned. So next year will be just as exciting because even if im not there live, I will still be watching and remembering my own experience.

It's crazy, you wait to go to one and three come at once! Those memories will never be replaced. Although I hope new ones will be made. Motorsport gets me through and the experiences I have had get me through and will always be the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you take anything away from this blog post, let it be that dreams do come true, yes some may be gifted to you but you will be able to earn money to make them come true. So never give up and when it finally happens you wont be the same person you were when you went. I realised my heart is at every race track and that spurs me on to be a happier person.

Until next time! 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

My Motorsport Bucket List

I believe that any motorsport fan has a list of things they want to do related to motorsport in their lifetime. Since ticking off one thing I have always wanted to do I started to think of what else I would like to achieve. So today I thought I would share them with you and briefly explain why they make it onto my bucket list.

1. Go to Le Man- Arguable the most important race of the year. My dad has actually been and it sounds so much fun! They all got drunk and lined up empty bottles round their tents. But to be surrounded by the sound of race cars and the change of weather for 24 hours just seems amazing! I wouldn't be surprised if it was on everyone's bucket list!

2. Go to Spa- To watch cars go round that historic track would be unreal. Plus I want to go up the hill, see how long it would take me and how steep it really is!

3. Go to Silverstone- This is something I was treated to this year and it was the best day of my entire life. The atmosphere, the change in weather, the sound of the cars, everything was just all I imagined it to be and more! 

4. Go to an awards show- Okay, this one is a bit far fetched but to be in a room with so many people in the motorsport industry and celebrating the success would be breathtaking.

5. Go to Monaco- A beautiful country and a unique and challenging track, who doesn't want to go to Monaco!? One of the most expensive things on my bucket list but a girl can dream.

6. Meet a world champion- To be in the presence of someone who has done something that incredible would be amazing. I'd have so many questions to ask!

7. Meet as man drivers as possible- With watching and reading about so many categories there is so many drivers I would love to meet. I had the pleasure of meeting some FE drivers this year and they were all so lovely and friendly and made the experience even better. So who wouldn't want to meet even more drivers?!

8. Get a motorsport related tattoo- So this one I had planned for 2 years until I was brave enough to cross it off my list and I do not regret it and I never will. I have dedicated a post about my tattoo so if you haven't read that, then I'd suggest taking a read. I want so many more but we will see!

9. Going to the opening and last race of a season- The atmosphere at both would be indescribable and as expensive as they would both be, be worth every penny and hey a holiday at the same time, bonus!

10. Go to a night race- Who doesn't want to see the cars in the dark under the lights with sparks flying off their cars and fireworks at the end of the race?! 

I am sure over the years more things will be added to this list. I also hope some get ticked off at the same time! I know some are unlikely but stranger things have happened and if you can dream it and want it hard enough, it can happen. So I will never give up.

Let me know in the comments whats on your bucket list and feel free to make me jealous if you've done one or more things on my list!

Till next time!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Motorsport related tattoo!?

In august I did something very brave and even a little risky as my parents were against the idea. But, I went through with it and I cannot be more happy with how it turned out. And this mysterious experience was getting the outline of Silverstone tattooed on my arm. 

This was a big decision for me. I knew 2 years ago I wanted a motorsport related tattoo. It took me that long to decide what exactly I wanted! I knew that whatever I had inked on my body would be with me forever, that when I would see it I would think of the connection it had to me. The idea of Silverstone didn't happen until July, and when I thought about it, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. Silverstone is a track I've been to in the past for BTCC but in July, it was where I saw my first ever F1 race live. That day will live on as being one of the best days of my entire life. I was so happy the whole time, watching some of my favourite drivers race in GP3, GP2 and F1. That's what made me think 'yep, Silverstone is the one'. I knew whenever I saw Silverstone, I would think of all the times I've been there and how extremely happy I was. I never felt more me. I was in my F1 top with my Ferrari hat, watching the thing I love most in this world. 

Now, it's time to dig a bit deeper into why exactly I wanted a motorsport related tattoo. I have suffered and continue to suffer with anxiety and depression for over 3 years now. There have been really low times and times where I am coping well. But the one thing that has always got me through it has been my love for motorsport, especially F1. It gives me something to look forward to and I love throwing myself into a race weekend. It has really helped me deal with things and this tattoo would remind myself of why I keep fighting, why I don't give up. Since having the tattoo I have had bad days and breakdowns but I see the tattoo and I remind myself that while battling what I am, I have been 100% happy and 100% myself. Motorsport is a part of me and always will be, the memories I have will always be with me and I thank my lucky stars I have been able to go to a F1 race and also watch other categories. Motorsport gives me strength and I would notice that on weeks with no race or winter I would get a bit worse. But now, I always have that reminder in the form of the tattoo which I see lots of times everyday. I do look at it and smile and laugh and it does put me in a better mood. It is doing exactly what it was suppose to do.

Any one of my friends who knew me, knew I loved my motorsport and I had so many compliments from people on it. I think my favourite one was when someone said 'oh my god, your tattoo is so unique and its so you!' That meant the world to me. It made me believe even more that I chose the right design. It means so much to me. I can't really put it into words but it makes me feel so happy inside. Maybe its the idea of people realising that my life revolves around motorsport and it is a part of me and they are accepting and supporting me in my passion in life. The response was more than I could have ever hoped for and that does make the tattoo that even bit more special.

The tattoo itself didn't take long, the only pain I had was when I was having it done. After I had no pain what so ever. I put cream on it for about a week and had it covered for 24 hours after I had it done and while it was healing. It took about 30 minutes for me. I will admit to it being that long because I needed to take a break half way through because my anxiety was through the roof. It was painful and I was scared but after I was so relieved and so happy with my decision. 

The first imagine above is me half in pain but smiling through it because I did something for me and because it was what I wanted. The second is what it looked like after all wrapped up. To this day I am in love with it and I always will be. I never wanted a tattoo when I was younger but this one seemed so right and so worth it. It was the right call to make. I have thought about another motorsport related tattoo but we will see, all in good time. For now, I am thrilled with it and I feel a sense of relief that I am being more open and honest about how much motorsport means to me. To me, it is part of my DNA.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Why are support races important?

Junior categories are normally over looked by most people as it doesn't use the most up to date technology and the biggest names around. However, in my opinion it makes it that much more interesting. GP2 and GP3 have really grown on me over the last few years. I find it so thrilling for so many reasons!

The main reason I enjoy watching is it because since the cars aren't as technologically advanced as an F1 car you get to see much more of the driver and their own driver style and their raw talent. Especially when you see them go from GP3 to GP2 and how they cope with that step. GP2 is more advanced as they have the feature race in which they must pit and change tyres. So they have to look after the tyres much more than in GP3 and they don't have any mandatory pit stops. Also, any overtakes in GP3 are earned by merit as they don't currently have DRS, although I am aware that is changing for next season. These things allow you to see the potential that drivers have. Furthermore, F1 teams look at GP2 and GP3 to see if there is anyone they want to invest in to maybe drive for them in the future.

For example, in GP3 Jack Aitken is part of the Renault Sport Academy this year. This is an amazing opportunity for him as the team are not only watching but working with him and encouraging him. It may have even affected Jack's performance and given him that bit more confidence in his ability as a team has recognised his skill. Jack has sure delivered recently with podiums and race wins! Not sure Renault will be letting him go anywhere soon.

Going to GP2 the main driver that is backed by a team is Pierre Gasly who is backed by Red Bull. Pierre has worked with Red Bull for a while and he knows this year is vital for him. He knows there is a seat waiting for him in Toro Rosso and then maybe Red Bull one day. It is all riding on how he does this year and he has impressed. He has had some bad luck, but he has always tried his hardest and got the best out of his car. And you can't say his Prema car has been bad either because both Pierre and his team mate Antonio Giovinazzi have been mighty quick in their Prema's. Gasly has shown he is good enough to be in Toro Rosso, it is just down to the team. Whatever happens he can hold his head up high and know he has done the best he can and he has delivered!

Touching on Pierre's team mate, Antonio came into GP2 this year as a rookie with the new team Prema, no one expected him to do as well as he has! Currently leading the championship. I don't think anyone expected that. Not surprisingly that in september, Ferrari announced he was doing work on the simulator for them. Antonio shows that you do not need backing from a big team early on. That in a good car with the talent that Antonio has shown, you will be noticed b a F1 team.

All three drivers I have mentioned have worked hard to get where they are now and get noticed. F1 teams don't just notice anyone. My point is, junior categories are a good way to get an idea of how hard it actually is to get into F1 in the first place. It gives the audience a chance to see someone who they may later support work their way up to their dream. It is very easy to criticise some drivers in F1, but watching junior categories shows they get their own merit. Yes backing helps them, but it is ultimately the teams choice who they pick for their line up and they pick the drivers they believe in the most. Therefore, I believe support races are so important and race weekends are more exciting with support races.

Lets hope Jack, Pierre and Antonio get where they want and should t be as they are incredibly talented drivers who all deserve to be in F1 one day fighting for points and possibly even championships!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Camping at Snetterton for BTCC

Camping at a motorsport event has been on my bucket list for years! And earlier this year it became a reality. Myself and one of my best friends Lisa decided we would camp at Snetterton for the whole weekend, that was a Friday-Sunday! 

The week leading up to it we were so excited and then we realised we had to go buy food, drink, and make a list of everything we need to take! First time either of us had gone somewhere without our parents organising. Okay, my dad did give my instructions which we needed so thanks dad! So the Friday rolled around and it was time to pick Lisa up and head to the shops! Although we knew what we wanted, we underestimated we would just snack more than sit down and have meals, although we took two bbq's! Also, we thought 8 small bottles along with two big litre bottles of water would be enough, lets just say by the end of saturday we had 1 litre bottle left. The only worry I had would be as to whether we could get everything in my car as it is so small! But with Lisa's strategic thinking, it all fitted in perfectly!

We had everything we needed and we set off on the hours journey for one of the best weekends ever. Getting there was so simple and we were buzzing when we arrived. The queue wasn't very long at all and the people greeting us gave us wristbands which said we were camping as well as a map of the track. Time to set up camp and it was so quick since it was a pop up tent and we just had to put the pegs in, however, we forgot to bring a mallett. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we ended up asking the two women in the tent next to us to borrow theirs. Our tent however was not ideal when it rains, which it did on friday night, on and off. We were going in and out of our tent trying not to get wet. This is where the women from the tent (a much bigger and nicer one I'd like to add), Gemma and Hannah invited us to take shelter in theirs while it rained. Meeting them was a game changer for sure. Lisa and I were first timers where as they had been to quite a few and knew the best times to spot the drivers and everything like that. We very quickly got on with them and spent most of the weekend with them. We all had things in common, similar humour and obviously we discussed BTCC and I now fully support Andrew Jordan thanks to them, (as well as some others).

So yeah, thats how friday went down. Saturday we were quite chill,walked around and got some photos of BTCC and the supporting series'. I think we were a little bit tired from friday, and the tent was so uncomfy, (not to mention a bit of squeeze). Plus I think Lisa got creeped out because she heard me say 'Plato' in my sleep and mumble a lot to the point she had to see if I was talking to her. Sorry Lisa! In the evening me, Lisa, Gem and Han took a walk through the paddock when most people visiting for the day has left. We some how made it in the pitlane and on the track which was very exciting for us all! And we found a podium and took pictures on it of course.

We walked from the start/finish line up to the first corner and it took us as long as it would for the cars to do a lap! We then took a closer look at the kerbs and also found tire rubber left offer from all the action that had gone on that day. Yes, me and Han may well have taken some home, dont judge us okay, you'd do the same. Back at the campsite later on we sat around having a few drinks and then went over to the band which were playing in the camping area, there was live music on friday night as well but we could hear it well from where our tents were. One thing which was vital was to discuss our plans for sunday! Oh and to decide where we wanted to put our chairs.

It was finally BTCC race day! Lisa and I got up early (for once in our lives when we aren't at work) and went straight to put our chairs where we wanted them. Luckily our camp site was right next to a place where you could see at least half of the track! We quickly got our chairs up there so we didn't have to worry about losing a space and not having a good place to watch the race. On our way back from doing that we heard Han and Gem get up, so we finalised our plans. They already had chairs up nears ours but they were going to walk about the track more during the races so we arranged to meet later on in the day so the four of us could get in the queue for the drivers autograph session! We had everything down to a T. We knew the drivers we really wanted to find and get pictures with and boy we did that. A few races went by and me and Lisa had lunch (well what food we had left) and went off to meet the others! We got in that queue and it was by the Formula 4 drivers and their autograph session was going on and I have followed Jamie Caroline for a couple years now so I wanted to get his. But, I was scared to go on my own, Han stepped up and came with me and he was so nice and we met some of the others and got theirs too. Looking back I think we must have looked like weirdo's as we were both wearing Pirtek gear and they are one of Jamie's sponsors. We may have looked like crazy fans, oh well, if we did he wont forget us for a while! 

Patience was a virtue, the queue was getting longer behind us and I was determined to meet Aiden Moffat after trying two previous times and also Andrew Jordan. Okay, and Kelvin Fletcher because sometimes I watch Emmerdale and at that point he hadn't left the show yet. Then the moment we had been waiting for, they were letting us in. Me and Hannah went into fangirl mode squeezing through every gap we could and not letting anyone push in infront of us where has Lisa and Gem were a little more reserved and at times a little bit embarrassed to be seen with us. First up, Aiden! He was one of the first garages so thats where we headed! 
Mission 1: Meet Aiden finally was completed. I was one happy bunny!
Next up to Andrew Jordan who had a bit of a bigger queue but worth the wait.
Mission 2 also completed!

After going to the main two, we went up to the pit wall and looked over at the track and where the smallest queues were. But we couldn't help getting a group selfie!!
All rocking our Pirtek except from lisa, letting the team down ;)
We got in the line for Kelvin Fletcher but when we were two people away they told us it was time to leave the pit lane, but we still got autographs so we went away with something.

Then it was time to take our seats and watch some more races! Race 2 and 3 of BTCC was crazy! The big crash in the second race happened right in front of me and Lisa, we couldn't believe it. Thankfully all the drivers were okay! Couldn't say as much for some of the cars but a few involved managed to get out for the last race. For the crash in race 3 we heard it but didnt see it. Luckily we made sure we could see a screen and when they showed replays it just looked horrible! Again, luckily all drivers and the cameraman were okay as a car knocked over the camera stand! Never known that to happen before, hopefully it doesn't again. 

Every race we watched throughout our stay was exciting and we could not have been more sad to leave! First of all we left a track we ended up loving, I mean, me and Lisa got Snetterton tops! And some not very nice sunburn too. In my defence, I was wearing sun screen but the sun was too powerful! Lisa didn't even bother putting any on, and we left Snetterton more red than we arrived. Secondly, we had become close with Gem and Han quickly, we had all bonded over this experience. So, it was sad to depart from them. However, we will see them at Snett next year and some other tracks hopefully. Fingers crossed! 

After the last race we packed up the car and said our goodbyes. It wasn't so bad packing the car this time, or maybe it was because we were too tired to care that much. We just missed our beds. We spent the whole journey back talking about how much fun we had and we tried to pick our favourite part but we didn't have one! We loved every second and wouldn't change it for the world. I had only camped once before and that was with my parents for one night and this was a whole new experience. I would recommend camping at a track for BTCC as it is cheaper than most other motorsports, so much fun, you dont just watch one category, you watch so many more, you get up close with the drivers who are all so friendly. I could go on and on. If you ever thought about it, do it, you wont regret it. Just get a big tent! The tent is one thing we are upgrading for next time. And there will 100% be a next time. Lisa and I love motorsport a lot and honestly hearing and seeing the cars for three days straight felt like home, was a bit weird the next day when we didn't have that anymore. We clearly have part of our hearts at race tracks. One of the best experiences ever, new friends, new adventures and motorsport. What more could you want?!


Friday, 19 August 2016

What is it like going to a Formula E race?

Formula E is a fairly new racing series about to enter it's third season. I began watching it at the end of the first season and have been really enjoying it. So when it was announced that there would be two races held in London this year for the second season I decided to go! And I can tell you now, it was a very enjoyable day!

I bought a general admission ticket for the Sunday (last race of the season!) which was just over £20 and you got so much for your money. I stayed at my cousin's in London the night before so I didn't have to travel into London that morning. We didn't have to get up early, went on the tube and when we got off the tube it was less than a 2 minute walk to Battersea Park. As soon as we walked through the gates we were given free radio's so we would be able to listen to the commentary. We walked around first of all to look around and see parts of the track. It was amazing how close we could get to the track. The cars are so much bigger and faster then you realise.

We looked around after qualifying and there was so much to do. It was a real family place but for all ages. The E-village is the place you want to be after qualifying. There you can get food and drink while also not being far from where the drivers race on a game version against each other and where the autograph session takes place. We had a bit of time before either of those events happened and Renault was one of the people that had a couple of cars and fun things in the E-village. BMW also had a couple of cars you could sit in, which I took full advantage of! They also had a little race track with remote control cars where you had a few minutes to get to grips with what you're doing before you race against 3 other people. It was not as easy as it looked but it was a lot of fun!

The one thing I wanted to do was meet Daniel Abt and as many of the other drivers as possible so knowing when and where the autograph session was vital. We originally wanted to watch the 8 drivers on the virtual race but we worked out we wouldn't get a good spot in the line for the autograph if we watched it and then went over to where the autograph session was. We got in the line and sat down. We were there a while but it was worth it! We made friends with a couple in front of us who had a little boy which was so cute. They were so friendly and clued up on what to do a FE events as they had been previously.

After a while of chatting to our new friends the drivers arrived and it was time! This was when it started to hit me that I was going to meet all the drivers. The drivers were all stood or sat along the side of the stage and you walked down and met them one by one. First up was Jerome D'Ambrosio who was the most lovely man on the planet and he was sat on the stage but got down to stand next to me for a photo! We got about just over half way down the line when the drivers had to start going and prepare for the race and you wouldn't guess who I was going to meet next. DANIEL ABT. I had been waiting all day and then he got up and went. He was being hurried away but told me to take a signed photo, so better than nothing! I did miss some other drivers that I would have liked to get but I got quite a few so not too shabby.

After that it was time to recover from what just happened! So we did what normal adults do and went to get slushies. Then we went to find the perfect spot to watch the cars go past while listening on our radios. We found a spot in which there was a gap between the walls that was just more than a car lengths. However, after the third safety car we decided to head back to the E-village and watch it on the screen. Plus my phone was dead so I couldn't take anymore photos. That did mean that for the podium we were able to get right at the front! I thought that was a bonus until two girls came out and started using the guns to shoot free tops to people in the crowd further back. But me with my loud voice managed to ask one of the girls to throw one at me which she did. Just happened to be one of the last ones. Lucky is an understatement! The atmosphere during the podium was just amazing, everyone was so happy and it was an incredible experience.

My cousin and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we got a lot for our money considering its a motorsport event! We would love to go again. However, London isn't on the provisional list for season 3. Gutted doesn't even come close to how I feel. But I will always have the memories of going to my first FE race and how much fun I had. I hope FE comes back to London one day or somewhere else in England and when it does, I'll try my very best to go!

If you have ever thought about going, it will be an incredible day, worth every penny! Highly recommend at least looking at tickets if you are able to go to one.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Going to the British GP!

It was a dream come true for me when I received the tickets, I was in such shock that I was actually going to be there live at a F1 race that I cried of happiness. In the run up to it I was so excited and full of disbelief. Then the day finally arrived!

I was up at 5am making sure I had everything I needed, wearing my F1 shirt and my Ferrari hat. I also had my jacket because its england, I knew it would rain at some point. We headed off at 6am for the journey to the park and ride were we would get on a bus that would transport us to the track. We had no traffic and the park and ride was so easy. Just parked your car and got on one of the busses they had (there were a lot!) and within 10 minutes we were at the track. Walked about a minute, showed our tickets and we were in!

All we could hear was the GP3 race which had just started. I was amazed by the sound and it was slowly hitting me that by the end of the day I will have seen GP3, GP2 and F1. The boys (my dad and brother) decided they needed to eat something. So after we walked round a little bit and bought a programme, they got some food. While they were doing that I decided to look through the programme and then we discussed where we wanted to go and watch the races from.

We walked round and we arrived behind the grandstands opposite the pit lane. By this point the GP2 cars were lining up so we decided to stay and watch them go on their warm up lap and the first lap and then walk and find the best spot. The first thing we said to each other was how loud the GP2 cars are! Much louder than on TV. We managed to find a spot where we could see the cars coming round a corner, go past us and we could see the pit entry, and we had a screen behind us which was helpful!

So we had found our spot for the afternoon so we got the picnic rug out and sat down, we probably started eating some food we had brought with us at this point too while also taking photos and watching the GP2 race. I think after the GP2 race was when it first started to rain a little. We encountered short but heavy spells of rain. It didn't rain when the driver parade was on. Okay I'm fairly sure Marcus Ericsson waved at me but please no one burst my bubble.

Not long after the driver parade the pit lane was open and the cars were driving around on their way to line up on the grid. Wasn't long after that when the heavens opened and we had to fold our picnic rug over our stuff so it didn't get wet. All three of us were prepared in case it did rain, however no one thought to bring an umbrella, but it was all good we managed to stay as dry as we could. Plus we had nice people near us who let us stand under their big umbrella. After awhile the rain finally stopped and just before the race was about to start! This meant the first few laps would be exciting as the track was quite wet. But first we were treated to the red arrows who did an excellent performance.

The race starting behind the safety car was a little disappointing but the track was quite wet and no one knew how the track would be. Once the safety car was in it was a very enjoyable race witnessing moves and people darting into the pits. There was something about knowing who had gone into the pits when the commentators hadn't told us that I quite liked! Not sure why but it was all part of the experience. I liked having the option to watch the screen behind me and then turn around and see the cars go past me with my own eyes.

After the race we made our way on to the track and towards the podium. I did fangirl a little bit at the fact that I was on a race track which had just been raced on by lots of my favourite drivers. Of course I got a picture sitting on the kerbs, I mean who wouldn't!? The podium and start/finish straight were packed with people, all trying to do the same thing, take photos! But it was still an amazing experience which I will never forget. The only thing any of us said we would change is getting a grandstand ticket instead of general admission. Other than that we all enjoyed ourselves and were sad to leave.

We headed back towards where the busses were and it was very easy to find which one we needed to get on and within 10 minutes we were on the bus heading back to the car. Getting back to the car wasn't an issue, neither was getting out of the park and ride.

Overall, it was a dream come true, lived up to expectations and in some ways exceeded them. I cannot wait to save up and go again! I couldn't have wished for a better time, all made the experience. If you asked me to pick a favourite part, I can't tell you because I loved every single minute of it. I would thoroughly recommend going yourself if you're a F1 fan! Going to Silverstone to watch F1 is ticked off my bucket list finally!


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

F1 2016 season so far!

So, it's fair to say the season so far has been anything but boring! With incidents, radio messages and a few records being broken; F1 is showing everyone what its made of!

Everyone probably went into the new season thinking 'yeah it will be Hamilton against Rosberg with the occasional threat from Ferrari'. It started off that way but then Red Bull pulled out multiple surprises! The first one being bad for Kvyat by switching him and Verstappen after multiple collisions with Ferrari's Vettel on the opening laps, two races in a row. Verstappen had lots of eyes on him when he joined last season and this move up made everyone wonder what he could do now he was in a higher team. He battled against Raikkonen for first in Spain by choosing a two stop strategy. He kept the ice man behind and managed his tires to become the youngest ever race winner! There is no denying he has talent, but the Red Bull can't be that bad either, being able to keep behind a Ferrari who were thought to be Mercedes closest rivals.

Mercedes never expected to have an easy year, they knew teams were getting closer and closer but the battle between their team mates would begin again. However, Rosberg had a good end to the 2015 season and kept that momentum, winning every race in 2016 until Spain when the Mercedes team mates took each other out in the first lap and handed the win to Red Bull's Verstappen on his debut race for the team. 

This led to the fans being able to see the midfield and how close it all is. Highlighting that intense battles go on throughout the field and they are just as good as the ones going on at the front of the field. You never know who is going to get into Q3 or who is going to end up in the top 10 at the end of the race. Some teams like Force India and Sauber aren't having the easiest of times but never the less they give every race weekend their all and enjoy themselves. It is easy to miss the things that are important and a victory to a team in their own right; for example when McLaren Honda got in Q3 for the first time since they rekindled their partnership. The team and fans celebrated as it showed how they had got through tough times but their hard work was starting to pay off and they could see results.

This year is only going to get more interesting and I cannot wait to see how the battles develop over the season!