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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

BTCC 2020 Calendar

A couple of weeks ago every BTCC fan found out the calendar for 2020. Which means get booking hotels and getting long weekends planned and booked off work! However, if they expected it to be similar to this season, they would be right although there have been some noticeable changes. If you haven't seen it or want reminding what it looks like here it is:

Rounds                  Date                                 Venue/Circuit
1,2,3                       28/29 March                  Donington Park (National) 
4,5,6                       11/12 April                      Brands Hatch (Indy)         
7,8,9                       25/26 April                      Silverstone (National)       
10,11,12               16/17 May                       Thruxton
13,14,15               13/14 June                       Oulton Park (Island)      
16,17,18                25/26 July                        Snetterton (300)               
19,20,21                15/16 August                  Croft
22,23,24                 29/30 August                 Knockhill
25,26,27                 26/27 September          Silverstone (International)
28,29,30                 10/11 October               Brands Hatch (Grand Prix)

The first change I noticed straight away is that Brands Hatch will not be kick starting the season for the first time since 2011, instead Donington Park have the honours. The season even gets underway a week earlier than it did this year. Personally, I enjoy going to both tracks but I must admit I feel Donington is a better choice as you arrive at the paddock as soon as you access the track and I can imagine the atmosphere will be incredible as you can see the teams preparing and getting ready to do it all again for another year.

Next thing I realised was Silverstone appears twice, that really excited me! I enjoy Silverstone as a track and it always delivers in action. It will be interesting to watch them do the National and then the International. I am excited to see that added to the calendar and not just because it means its another race weekend I get to go to (but it is a bonus). If you can get to silverstone and have always umm'd and ahh'd about going I would highly recommend, you now have two opportunities. You can sit in the grandstands for no extra cost which was a bonus in 2017 when it stormed! 

Croft has moved to later in the season fro June to August after Snetteron. BTCC's broadcaster ITV4 have commitments to show footballs 2020 Euro and also Tour De France so it had to be re-worked slightly to make sure they could show all of the sports. Personally I don't mind as long as I can watch it on TV live and it shows they really value BTCC to make sure they were happy with this too.

Am I allowed to say I am excited for next season when the current is still ongoing? I am looking forward to seeing how Donington performs as a season opener and how drivers find the International circuit at Silverstone, which BTCC hasn't used since 2004. So for most of the current field they wont have done that layout in a BTCC car so everyone will be out of their comfort zones.

Tell me what you think, do you like the changes? Which races will you be going to? 

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

What is CMB Artworks?

CMB Artwork began as a hobby for Jim Bushell, he never thought things would ever turn out the way they have.

First we need to go back to the start, Jim has always had a soft spot for Art doing a BTEC in school and then going on to get a National Diploma in Media Arts. His first job was as a graphic designer at his local newspaper where he worked for 10 years before taking a year out to go back-packing around the world! Something I must say I am envious of. When Jim returned he studied mechanical and electrical engineering which took him down a different career path.

          It wasn’t until Jim picked up a pencil and started drawing again in 2014 that he realised how much he missed it. With his interest for motorsport and his passion for drawing, using BTCC’s as his muse was not a bad. After receiving amazing feedback from motorsport fans Jim said they ‘blew his mind’ and began painting and drawing from his shed. Soon after he was being asked for commissions by fans, sponsors and even some BTCC drivers!That is when CMB Artworks was born. CMB is a nod to his children as they are the first letter of each of their names.  

This isn’t just a part time job for Jim, he does it because he is passionate about it, he told me ‘to get money from something I love is humbling’ This is shown by the fact that Jim gives pieces away as prices for charity auctions and regularly does giveaways for his supports on his social media sites.
CMB Artworks previously sponsored Rory Collingbourne in Clio Cup (who he also did paintings for) and Keiran Gallagher in his VW.

 However, he currently sponsors Ralphie Reeves (if you haven’t heard of him you can read all about him on a previous blog post!), Lee Keeler in RX and most recently Motorsport 4 Mental Health. The last one is something Jim was keen to sponsor as it is something he has suffered with himself. It shows you don’t need to have money to sponsor people, as long as you have a good product like Jim does where he gives them artwork to sell or auction off, every little helps.

Jim normally uses his own pictures that he takes however I know first hand you can get your own used. Some of my friends surprised me with one of Jim’s paintings for my 21st birthday last year and it was using one of my best friend’s photo’s. The most popular choice is 16x20” canvas which is hand drawn, painted with acrylics and varnished. Jim does sell one he paints himself but takes requests so if someone wants a one of piece that is just theirs and no one else has, Jim is the man. You can also get A4 framed prints or A4 sketched drawing in artist pencils, don’t by Jim’s partner Ally. Their newest edition is fully hand made 16” wall clocks, again hand drawn, painted and varnished. They look amazing!  

CMB Artworks also has their own merchandise which consists of mugs, caps, car stickers and hoodies, they all normally appear in giveaways. I’m tempted to get a hoody! Jim and Ally’s plan is to over a few years expand the whole brand and the products they offer and maybe have a shop/gallery of their own. I really do believe they will succeed, their work is incredible.

They told me they want to offer the best original service and I truly believe they do that, it is so unique and for me knowing someone has thoroughly enjoyed and loved creating something to give to someone else really makes it that extra bit special. Like I said I have one piece and I recently just snapped up another and I cannot wait for it to arrive!

CMB Artwork provides the best service, quality and everything is done with passion. I do not have a bad word to say about Jim or the brand. His work is well worth a look at and if you like anything or want to enquire just give him a message, you won’t regret it! I will leave you with a quote from Jim and Ally which sums them up perfectly.

‘Massive thanks to all our loyal customers and supporters who we know make this work, nothing like the motorsport family. Jim and Ally x’

Facebook- CMB Artworks
Instagram- @cmbartworks