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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Mid-season review 2015: Part two

This is the second of three parts analysing how the teams have faired so far this season.

Red Bull: They lacked laps in pre-season. The team and not happy with their engine and it is easy to see why. Ricciardo and Kvyat have been on the podium once so far. Results wise, each driver has only retired once, not including when Kvyat didn't start in Australia. However, both are consistent in ending up in the points. Both putting up great battles with other drivers within the field. They are doing great with the lack of power. Showing, they are pushing all the time, getting everything out of the car they can. They have faced a lot of penalties for changing parts of the engine or the engine itself and still manage to get points when they can. Red Bull should be good if the drivers keep extracting everything they can from the cars.

Force India: Not had the best first half of the season. Their car hasn't performed the way they had hoped. This has been evident in their results. Both drivers struggling to get an amount of points they can be happy with. Scrapping for the last few places in the top 10. When it comes to qualifying, Hulkenberg has out qualified Perez 8-2. Wow. that's a big margin. However, Perez is better in the race and beaten Hulkenberg in the race 6-4. Showing qualifying isn't a big issue; Perez gets it right when it matters. The team have two good drivers. As their car improves, the drivers will be able to fight and aim for higher positions. 

Lotus: They have continued to be faced with problems. Have they had a stress weekend this season? Don't think so. Maldonado has retired 6 times so far this season; some his fault, some not. Grosjean only 3. Which does explain why Grosjean is winning in the team mate head to head. Finishing infront of Maldonado 8 times. Furthermore Grosjean has out qualified Maldonado 9-1. And, finished in the points 3 more times. The team hasn't had the best luck overall but Grosjean himself has out performed his team mate in every scenario so far.

Toro Rosso: Going into the season they had two rookies. If any team can show the potential of two new, young drivers its Toro Rosso. All attention was on 17 year old Verstappen who has not disappointed. Showing amazing over takes and achieving a 4th position. On the other side of the garage, Sainz has been quietly getting on with things. He has finished in the points twice as much as Verstappen and is winning the team mate battle for the race and qualifying. Both drivers have shown why they are on the grid. Still young and bound to make mistakes; like Verstappen's accident in Monaco. They have bounced back from bad weekends. Toro Rosso have two incredible drivers who have are showing signs to be deserving a drive in a top seat one day. 

Part 3 will be up in a few days, so keep your eyes out!


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mid-season review 2015: Part one

It's that time of the year again! Where the drivers and teams have a well earned rest and the fans wonder what to do until the next race. Yes, that's right. The summer break is upon us. Fear not, I will be doing a three part mid-season review on how the teams have faired so far this season. 

Mercedes: The team are not having it as easy as they did last year. The constructors yes, is likely to be theirs again. The drivers championship for 2015 is still likely to be between the two Mercedes driver. However, Vettel is not far behind. They seem to be making more noticeable mistakes this season. Could this be them feeling the pressure? Hamilton so far has 5 wins to Rosberg's 3. While some may say Hamilton is the more dominant driver this year, both drivers have been on the podium in all but one race so far. The rivalry seems much more calm this year. The teams only problem being in the previous race in Hungary and the Monaco pit stop drama with Hamilton. While they still seem to have a gap to other teams, they are aware of the ever catching Ferrari and Williams cars. 

Ferrari: There were high hopes going into the season. With a new driver of 4 time world champion Sebastian Vettel partnering Raikkonen; two drivers who are known for getting on well. While Raikkonen has endured bad luck and 3 retirements, he has also been on the podium once. But, the stats aren't on his side when compared to Vettel. The German won the Malaysian grand prix this year in only his second race for the team. He then added another win to his tally in Hungary and had 7 podiums this year. Nearly as many as the two Mercedes drivers. The Italian based team seems transformed this year. Vettel has seemingly brought a new lease of life to the team. Something I am sure has been helped by Vettels win. The moral in the team seems high and looks set to continue. How long till they can challenge Mercedes every race? Or are they already doing that? 

Williams: They were leapfrogged by Ferrari at the start of the season and are now not the only team close to challenging Mercedes. Massa seemingly has the edge on the young Finn Bottas. Both were impressive off the line in Silverstone. However strategies and team orders got in the way shortly followed by the weather. Despite struggles the Williams team are one that carries on and can make a quick comeback. Thats what we should all be expecting them to do. They have a strong team and drivers; its only a matter of time. 

Part two will be up soon! So keep checking my blog in the next few days!


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My experience going to the F1 Show

Last month on the 10th July I was part of the audience on the F1 show which was live on SkySportsF1. As my dad and I arrived in London and made our way to the Sky Studios I wondered 'how I had got here?' The answer to that: I made it happen and had a bit of luck.

I am a big fan of SkySportsF1, I watch practice, qualifying and the race on their channel. Along with the F1 show and I frequently check their website to read any articles they may have posted. One day I just happened to see 'be in the audience of the F1 show'. So, I clicked on it and decided to submit the application for dad and I to go on the 10th July. Although I thought we probably wouldn't get picked, I did it anyway. It was very simple, you just had to put down your name and the name of your guest and which dates you could attend. I did this around a month before. It stated on the application form that you would hear a week before the show.

I had completely forgotten about it when I checked my emails on my phone. It was an email saying dad and I had got tickets and there was a link to our tickets and how we could get there and where to park. I was over the moon. Until, dad said he couldn't go due to prior commitments. I was then heartbroken. However, a few days later he complained to me about the state of my room (which is nothing new); and said we wouldn't be going on friday if it was messy. I then just looked at him with confusing. He then broke the news that he had got out of it and we were going. I was over the moon again!

The day came, I got home from sixth form and threw on my F1 shirt and off we went to London! My family are always early to things so it was no surprise me and dad got there with 15 minutes to spare. We had to wait outside with a small queue of people. While lining up we started chatting to a nice man standing next to us. He had been applying to be on the show for 3 years! Wow. That made me feel incredibly lucky to have been picked the first time I applied!

Once our names were ticked off the whole group were let through the gates and taken to one of the Sky buildings. We were put in a room with the previous race (The British Grand Prix) playing on a ginormous TV! It was a very lovely room with water and lots of seats. Once everyone had arrived a member of the team came and talked to us explaining what was going to happen. After we were taken to the studio doors and lined up outside. It all felt so surreal, especially as I suddenly heard heels, turned around and saw Natalie Pinkham smiling as she went past! That's when it really hit me where I was and what was about to happen.

Once in we were originally placed at the back, before being moved forward and then next to the sky pad! I had seen it on TV and I was right next to it! Also, Johnny Herbert and Alex Lynn (the guests for the show) were doing a piece using the sky pad! All of a sudden Johnny came over and asked me to tap his finger for good luck! I never thought I would be able to say that sentence. He was a very chatty person. There was about eight of us stood on one side of the sky pad and he talked to all of us. As Johnny and Alex's bit was being filmed we could see a screen and once or twice dad and I saw ourselves on there! Incredible. We were on TV!

During the adverts Johnny, Alex, Natalie and Simon Lazenby interacted with the audience. Furthermore after the show was done, all four stayed to chat to us and have photos! I had thought about what I would say to each one but I hadn't made up my mind! Alex was very lovely and easy to talk to. I had been watching him in GP2 and I told him I thought he was doing really well. I told Natalie I wanted to do exactly what she does. That resulted in her hugging me and giving me tips! Johnny and Simon were both easy to talk to, me and dad had a joke with both of them. It was amazing how nice they were and willing to give up time to talk to you and were more than happy to have their photos taken with you.

It was an incredible experience. I still can't believe how lucky I was to have got to meet such genuinely nice people. As someone who is a big fan of Formula 1 and wants to work on the media side, it was great to see how the show is filmed and how it all works. There was nothing negative about the day at all. Like I said, incredible experience. I would say its worthwhile to at least apply if you can. I will never forget the experience and I will try to go again. 

I will leave you with a selection of photos from the day. There's even one with the Silverstone trophy; although we weren't allowed to touch it!